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Since Komodo officially launched over a year ago, I have been running a Notary Node. I know exactly how the Notary Node software works, how to run it correctly, and how to keep the Notary Node secure and up to date with the latest software versions. I have, and do administer many other servers as well. I've been involved with crypto since 2013 and have operated numerous amounts of coin daemons. Overall all of my experience puts me in a great position for Notary Node operation.


I take my Notary Node position very seriously. I am on Komodo slack a high percentage of my day, and have mobile notifications for updates when away. This is important because Notary Nodes often need to be updated to new software versions. Its extremely important these updates are done in a timely matter, so the Notary Node is properly notarizing all coins.


I strongly believe in Decentralization. Because of this, I will only be running for 1 Notary Node spot, as I did last year, to keep the Notary Nodes decentralized. This year as well as last, candidates are running for multiple Notary Nodes, but I feel like this compromises the decentralization of the network. I am also not a member of the official Komodo team, which I feel is important as to not be biased on matters.


I have been a long time supporter of Komodo and SuperNET since 2014. I operate the first CHIPS mining pool, DabMining.co, as well as operated Pondsea's CHIPS pool. Both of which are responsible for mining a large amount of the CHIPS supply. I've been involved in the community and I always push people I know to look at Komodo/SuperNET. It's important to share how great Komodo is and how the technology is light years ahead of the competition.


I am working on a website with tools and services for Komodo, called Komodo.Services. The site will include tools such as a block explorer, but will also be home to important Komodo information. The whole site will be beneficial to the entire Komodo community. Funds from operating the Notary Node will allow me to improve and grow the site and give more back to the community through the site. Stay tuned for the launch.


I am always willing to help and support users as much as I can with their Komodo problems. Especially my loyal voters! Feel free to reach out to me for support/help at any point via slack or email listed on the right. I can help with wallet problems or answer any questions you might have.

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Contact Me

Slack: @xrobesx
Email: notary@xrobesx.co


Komodo Slack: You can find me on Komodo slack @xrobesx

Dab Solutions Slack: If you wish to join my personal slack, you can get an invite here: Slack Invite